Saville Lift recliner chair


A simple hand controller offers you a vast choice of positions and the benefit of being able to lift you to a standing position The soft easy to manage fabric exterior coupled with the adjustable massagers gives a sense of well being and relaxation.



Saville Lift Chair Info Sheet


The supportive lift feature is especially designed for hip and back pressure relief, which provides great support for those with limited mobility or recovering from a injury. Saville also features with the 3 motor massage unit with different settings which help with body relaxation and enhance the overall well-being. The soft fabric exterior provides classic look while the removable head and armrest cover allowing easy care for the chair.

• Dual Motor Lift & Recline Chair
• 3 Strong Vibration Massage Motors
• Multi-Function Wired Controllers
• Washable head & armrest covers
• Battery Backup
• 180 Kg weight rated

Available in Beige or Salmon Fabric

Dual motor

Three Massage motors

Washable head and Armrest covers

Battery backup

180 Kg Lift capacity

Wired Hand Controller

Available in Beige or Salmon fabric

Additional information

Dimensions 83.5 × 84.5 × 105 cm


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