Apron Threshold ramp


A range of ramps for external and interior use. Sloping edges allow access from 3 sides. Varying heights allow these ramps to suit most access points.
Very good weight carrying capacity above 250Kg with a durable non-slip material. With a 10 year warranty.



This range of Threshold ramps for Interior and Exterior use is easily transferable from application to application.
Available in 5 sizes which may be trimmed to fit exacting dimensions.
Available sizes.
25 mm rise 1070mm wide and 205mm depth net weight 3.8 Kg
30 mm rise 1080mm wide and 310mm depth net weight 7.3 Kg
45 mm rise 1280mm wide and 450mm depth net weight 17 Kg
60 mm rise 760mm wide and 750mm depth net weight 21 Kg
60 mm rise 920mm wide and 750mm depth net weight 11.3 Kg
Prices range between $70.00 and $140.00 depending on size.


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