Theorem Seagrove Rise Recline Chair


  • Sleek leather look
  • Two discreet cup holders
  • Hand wand with USB connectivity
  • Choice of two colours
  • Seat width of 55.8cm
  • Weight capacity 158.7kg


Introducing the Seagrove dual motor lift chair! This sophisticated and stylish piece is perfect for any home. Featuring integrated headrest and lumbar support, the Seagrove places comfort above all else. Its smooth recline function ensures that you’ll always be comfortable, while hidden cup holders and handwand with USB port make it easy to stay connected. Make a statement with the luxurious Seagrove dual motor lift chair!


  • Hidden cup holders
  • Sleek leather look
  • Handwand with USB port


Weight Capacity: 158.7kg
Weight: 88kg
Seat Width: 55.8cm
Seat Depth: 53.3cm
Chair Width: 99cm
Chair Depth: 107.9cm
Chair Height: 106.6cm
Operation: Handwand with USB Port


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